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Kiddie Steps by CreAnglais

Hello and welcome to my Kiddie Steps page. 

For those of you that don't know me, my approach to teaching English to children has always been very creative. Some of the fantastic projects I have worked on in the past with the kids I teach can be seen on the children's page within the site.  


I love the impact creativity can have when working with the children, turning ordinary ideas into something fun, often 3D in form, brilliant and most importantly memorable!   All the children I teach love the different activities and years later it is clear that this approach has really helped them remember our lessons and the topics behind them. 


It is these experiences that have led me to the creation of Kiddie Steps by CreAnglais which will be available in 2022.


Kiddie Steps is an easy to learn vocabulary game currently for young children. Children take learning steps Saying, Spelling and Drawing words based on 8 fun themes: Colours, Shapes, Animals, Body, Feelings, Fruit, Vegetables and Clothes.  The game comprises of 2 decks of 64 cards each, a 'mahoosive gaming mat', 26 Hooray Oops cards, 4 player markers and a large 6-sided dice. 

There are different gaming options: Beginners can start with deck 1, which contains easier words ideal either as flashcards to be used as an introduction to the words, or they can be placed on the mat in the order outlined above.  Deck 2 has been created for children who are at a level where they are able to work with more difficult words.  The children can mix all the cards and randomly place them on the mat, making the game board ever changing.  


Children work together, learn together and the first to reach the Finish wins the game!  The children I have play tested it with have given me some great feedback and have really enjoyed playing the game.  I hope you also like what you see. 

kiddie steps

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Kiddie steps
Kiddie steps
Kiddie steps
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The cards

Animals drawn by Raphael aged 9

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